H 760 mm – L 650 mm – P 650 mm

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Fiche technique

Marque: Brühl
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Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

grace has many faces. However, all grace armchairs have one element in common: the graceful metal frame, a minimalist basic shape. Other than that, all versions are unique: the upholstery on the seat base of classic grace is extremely smooth, whereas it is casually soft, and optionally decoratively tacked, on grace soft; grace glossy’s seat is wooden and painted in a high-gloss finish, and grace bungee’s seat is fashioned from

decorative colourful bungee cords that are also used as detailing. grace bungee cross is decorated by hand with a graphic network of stretched bungee cords and armrest tops wrapped in bungee cords. grace closed has closed armrests. The last member of the family, grace cut-out, features closed armrests with circular openings. There is also a wide choice of colour, surface finish and material options available for each armchair.
 ICONIC AWARDS 2016 Interior Innovation – Selection iF Product Design Award 2016  Good Design 2015  Green Good Design 2016  German Design Award – Special Mention 2016German Design Award Winner 2018



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