HS450 Hülsta Sofa

CANAPE 2 places
H 820/850 mm – L 1500/1800 mm – P 950 mm

à partir de CHF 2’279.- (TVA incl. 7.7%)

Fiche technique

Système de planification

Marque: Hülsta-Sofa
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One sofa Lots of possibilities

The more possibilities we can offer you, the more personalised your tastes can be. And this works best with so-called ‘system furniture’ such as the hs.450 programme. There are two different kinds of seating comfort, three seat depths, two seat heights, eight different arm rests and ten different bases. Foot rests and headrests can also be integrated. The hs.450 programme enables you to make all your personal seating requirements a reality.

There is no way of improving on the hs.450 sofa as you have always known it… But a special pampering programme is now joining the standard pampering programme in the form of foot rests and foot supports which can be added to the hs.450, if required. For those moments when extra support is needed.



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